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Rash of armed robberies in Lorain County

This course provides an overview of Constitutional, substantive and procedural laws that impact the management of convicted offenders and their rights. Various current legal topics and court decisions are explored.

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This course provides students an overview of criminalistics beginning with first- responder duties and ending with laboratory analysis and results. Student will be required to complete and submit a crime scene investigation portfolio. A special fee will be assessed. General Education: IN4. Emphasis on understanding the problems of social control, communications, prejudice, discrimination, deviance, etc.

Fundamental principles and techniques applicable to all criminal justice investigations from crime and trial through probation and parole are discussed. Use of witnesses, principles, records, physical evidence, and interviewing are also covered.

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An examination of the philosophy, history, and practice in the probation and parole of juvenile and adult offenders in federal, state and local correctional systems including community corrections options. Included in the OPOTC Basic Academy Curriculum, this course will introduce the student to the historical perspective and current use of firearms in the law enforcement profession.

Students will develop safe handling techniques and firearms safety, and examine the lawful use of weapons under current legal doctrine. Lab sessions provide thorough training developing precision pistol, shotgun and police combat techniques and skills. Open to Police academy students only. Included in the OPOTC Basic Academy Curriculum, this course will develop accepted attitudes for safe driving methods and decision-making for collision avoidance while learning to simultaneously integrate the tasks of driving and law enforcement.

Open to Police Academy Students only. This course examines the high prevalence of mental health problems among prison and jail inmates and the current ideologies and polices followed to diagnose and treat inmates incarcerated in long-term and short-term correctional facilities. This course examines the objectives and functions of conducting a traffic accident investigation including planning, locating and analyzing evidence, fact gathering, processing the accident scene, measuring, diagramming, and reporting.

This course examines the origins of American juvenile justice and the historical shifts that have occurred since the beginning including the nature, theoretical causes, prevention, treatment, and control of delinquency; and includes an overview of the Ohio juvenile justice systems, its laws, purpose, and operations. An in-depth analysis of law enforcement in the United States, both historical and current, including police operations, its relationship with government and society, organizational structure, management, policing styles, discretion, ethics and deviance, civil liability, and the future role of policing.

This phase demands an additional days of sobriety on top of Phase I's 90 days.


That's seven months, more or less. Phase III, which has yet to really begin, given the nascency of Lorain County's program, involves participants "going out into the world and being productive again," Miraldi says. In this phase, participants will cross the crucial nine-month threshold, a point where the physiological makeup of the brain begins to repair itself.

Courtroom appearances drop to once each month, and random testing continues. That's why, when participants discuss their week with treatment officers or Miraldi himself, any potential red flag — a death in the family, an argument with a supervisor — is immediately dealt with. She's been using for the past four years. The man next to her, also hearing out Miraldi's orientation guidelines, had been using for nine years, but he'd cleaned up for most of the past 15 months. When his children were taken from him and his ex-wife recently, he relapsed out of sobriety.

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Students who choose this program have the option to choose an emphasis in either human resources, office administration, entrepreneurship, marketing and sales, or management. The courses for the human resource concentration are aligned with the SHRM certification, and the management and office administration concentrations allow those enrolled to become proficient in Microsoft Office software. Find an Online Degree:. All tuition numbers were manually collected and verified.

Associate of Applied Science in Medical Administrat Associate of Applied Science in Operations Excellen Learn More. Associate of Applied Science in Digital Design and Associate of Applied Science in Health Information Certificate in Health Information Management Techni

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