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Attention Smartphone Users: Don’t Use a Call Blocker App Until You Read This

Heck, even Ed Sheeran did it! Many believe downloading a call blocker app is equivalent to downloading anti-virus software on your computer. As mentioned above, there are very few call blocker apps that provide you with a suite of tools necessary to not only protect yourself from phone crime but hold the person accountable for their actions.

Scam callers get smarter each and every day. That way, you can always answer the phone with confidence! Call blocker apps the most effective solution to put a permanent end to your unwanted call problem. Their benefits range anywhere from saving the hassle of changing your phone number, getting revenge on the person who harassed you or providing evidence to authorities.

It may seem biased, but we know through experience that this is the only solution to equip you with the tools you need to protect yourself from the dangers of phone crimes. We recommend you and your loved ones download one today! TrapCall is the only call blocker app that provides you with the essential toolkit to combat unwanted calls, scam calls, and phone harassment. With TrapCall, you can easily hold callers accountable for their phone crimes and abuse. TrapCall is an easy investment that ensures your privacy and personal information are protected from unwanted callers.

Click below to get started today! The solutions that are most commonly questioned are: The Do Not Call registry Phone carriers and service providers Filing a complaint with the FTC Default phone number blocking on iPhone or Android While some of the recommended solutions can certainly help reduce the number of unwanted calls you receive — the unfortunate reality is that they are just not designed to truly help you put an end to your spam call or phone harassment problem.

The Do Not Call Registry If you receive unwanted spam and telemarketing calls , it is likely that you have received a recommendation to register your mobile and landline phone numbers on the Do Not Call Registry. Understanding the economics of spam calls is the first step in solving the problem.

Placing phone calls is inexpensive for telemarketers and spammers; they can make millions of illegal calls at little cost and with almost no risk. Unfortunately, phone companies make money when they connect these calls to your phone.

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So, unless their competitors are offering a better solution to stop nuisance calls, carriers have little incentive and plenty of money to lose by investing money in preventing these calls. Telecommunications is highly regulated by the government to create competition and fairness, but this also slows down innovation and reduces the risks carriers are willing to take. It is not an easy problem to solve. The phone network is a complex web of carriers and solutions providers.

Without cooperation, it is difficult to stop these calls.

Why the Calls are not getting connected?

Because the spam call problem is expensive and complicated to solve, most phone carriers leave it to the professionals to solve. This is simply because apps such as TrapCall have already mastered the inner workings of effective spam call blocking, so why would they want to invest in a solution?

Take back your privacy. Sign up now. Get Started. You might be interested in. Telemarketers update their lists periodically, which according to the Federal Trade Commission FTC , means it can take up to 31 days before putting your number on the list takes full effect. Even then, political organizations, charities, and survey takers are legally permitted to call you. If you agree, then a for-profit company associated with the survey company can call you with a sales pitch.

Your phone number will stay on the Do Not Call Registry forever, unless you ask for it to be removed.

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If you ever get a call from someone offering to sign you up for the registry, it is a scam! The service is completely free and the FTC will not call you to solicit your registration.

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Fax numbers are subject to different regulations, so signing them up on this list will not do anything to thwart junk faxes. If a telemarketer asks you to use any of these payment methods, then the telemarketer is breaking the law. Hang up, and report it to the FTC. Telephone solicitors may not:.

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Request payment or submit a credit card charge before receiving express verifiable authorization showing that the consumer has agreed to purchase;. At the beginning of a telemarketing call, the telemarketer must state his or her name and the full name of the business on whose behalf the call is made. A telephone number for the business must be provided on request, and a live person must be available to answer that telephone number and give information describing the business itself and the offer being pitched.

MCL The Attorney General, a county prosecutor, or individual consumer may bring a lawsuit under the Consumer Protection Act. This penalty applies to commission of acts that are defined as being unfair or deceptive by the act, such as certain misrepresentations by telephone solicitors.

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How to put your cell phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry. Not Call Registry, operated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), with information . How can I list a number on the National Do Not Call Registry? To register your phone number or to get information about the registry, visit

It does not apply to violations of the Do Not Call Registry. Consumer Protection Division P.