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Most offenders receive their first exposure to prison at the county level.

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How bizarre: The most unusual crimes in the Lehigh Valley in Arrow Left Arrow Right. We'll we help you through the process to send inmate money in Pennsylvania. The Fayette County Prison offers several in-house programs to assist the inmate adjust to incarceration and also prepare them to adjust their lifestyles when they are released. This is a directory of free resources provided to the public. Inmate records include name, offense while incarcerated , state identification number, holding facility, and projected release date. Gifts for inmates packages can include things like clothes, food, shoes, snacks, and hygiene products.

In , the prison maintained a daily average population of residents. View our Press Releases:. Read more.

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Delaware County, presently consisting of over square miles divided into forty-nine municipalities is the oldest settled section of Pennsylvania. Prison - George Hill Correctional Facility. Superintendent: John A.

Reilly Jr. Programs currently available for the inmate population are: Work Release Program. In Allegheny County, officials might hire an outside consultant to review their policies and procedures for preventing suicide at the local jail.

Numbers from the state Department of Corrections provide context for the breadth of the problem across Pennsylvania. Figures for the most recent year were released in February. Over the past four years, county jails reported 81 suicide deaths to the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

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In the map below, yellow dots represent jails that reported no deaths and red dots represent jails that reported at least one. Click on a dot for information about the number of suicides, other deaths and attempted suicides. You can also see how many inmates were typically in the facility during a given month.

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For Philadelphia, separate reports are made for jails. The location of the facilities is approximate.

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Some small counties do not have jails. Over several years, Montgomery County in suburban Philadelphia has ranked high for the number of attempted suicides reported — both in raw numbers and when you adjust for the number of inmates at facilities.

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Berks County also ranked high for the number of attempted suicides reported. Sometimes those deaths could have been prevented with proper medical attention, she said. The information is based on what counties report to the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

For instance, PA Post spotted discrepancies between what York County jail officials reported for and what news accounts described last year. We reached out to York County, which then reviewed its numbers and corrected them with the state. John Sallade, managing director of insurance programs for the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania, works with most of the county jails in the state to handle death cases and other potential lawsuits.

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The organization compared the suicide rate for local jails, which was 46 per , inmates, to the age-adjusted suicide rate among the general population. That general population rate was Shubik-Richards, with the Pennsylvania Prison Society, pointed to two reasons for the higher suicide rate for people in jail.