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In this section I'll show you what is a vehicle history report, what they contain, where they get their information and why it's important to check the history on a vehicle before you buy it.

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It contains important information about a used vehicle's past. You can look at it like a vehicle's report card. A vehicle history report will show information about title records from the appropriate states Department of Motor Vehicles, along with any salvage, accident and insurance total loss records.

The short answer is "YES! The body shops of today do great work rebuilding a vehicle, there are some companies out there that all they do is buy insurance total loss cars, rebuild them and take them to other parts of the country to sell back to the general public. Reviewing a vehicle's past upfront can keep you from buying someone else's problems.

follow site There are many dealers that provide you with a "free" report when you buy a car. They do this as a customer service in hopes of putting your mind at ease. Even if you're offered one, I still recommend purchasing your own. There have been many complaints filed, and fines paid by dealers, for creating false reports and providing out dated reports to consumers. This will not help you if you end up buying one of these bad cars.

The money you spend on the report may save you from losing thousands of dollars on a car.

How to Shop for Used Cars Online

We Compare the Major and Smaller Players Vehicle history reports have become an integral part of any used-car purchase. Here's a look at AutoCheck versus Carfax, along with some other providers, and our experience in how they . A vehicle history report will also show salvage titles and other red flags for While both Carfax and AutoCheck are useful services, they're only as . a wide net and comparing many similar vehicles, Autocheck is clearly the.

When you buy your own report you will not have to worry about the information being tampered with. There are several areas these companies collect data and information. Some of the information is provided by the Federal Government and some of the better companies pay for the data they provide in their history reports.

Some of these data sources are:. You will also find police-reported accident information from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. They also collect data reported from the Federal Emergency Management Agency on storm damaged vehicles and any vehicles registered in an area of any major disasters in the nation. This collected data will help you see and understand potentially significant information on a used car you're looking to buy.

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Depending on information reported, it can tell you several different things about a used car:. With several used car history report services online it can be difficult to decide which one will give you the most value for your money. I've personally pulled thousands of history reports, these companies can basically be broke down into two categories:.

I've used many of these services in my dealerships to protect myself, my dealership, and my customers from buying an unreliable car. Reviewing a used car's history report is not a requirement. However, it's becoming more important when uncovering underlying problems that are not visible to the naked eye.

Most companies only allow you to buy one report at a time or they will sell you a small package of just reports. This will limit you if you're browsing several vehicles at one time. You may have not heard of them because they don't advertise like the others. Most major auto auctions and lenders use AutoCheck over its competitors because of how accurate they are in disclosing vehicles that have been rebuilt or branded with frame damage. I would suggest you spend a little extra money and go for the Multiple Reports Package. It allows you to run 25 vehicle history reports for 21 days.

This will give you more than enough time to research and compare as many vehicles as needed so you can make a good buying decision.

Vehicle History Reports: The Key to a Car’s Past - NerdWallet

If you believe you will need to run more reports, you can opt for the Unlimited Package which allows you to run unlimited reports for a three week time frame. With the AutoCheck's Multiple Report plan you can even run history checks from your Smartphone, tablet or iPad while you're on the dealers lot looking at vehicles. If you know the exact car your looking to buy this option will allow you to get all the data you need to make a good buying decision.

Single AutoCheck report package. You can run up to 25 reports for 21 days with this package, giving you peace of mind you purchased a reliable used car. AutoCheck Multiple Report Package. If you have just started car shopping and don't have a used car vin yet? There is an option to where you can still get the Multiple Reports Package. One of the most valuable benefits to using AutoCheck to get a used car history report on your next used car is their Buyback Protection Guarantee; this is available to you at no extra cost.

If a brand is found on a title after the vehicle is reported to be free of the brand, AutoCheck will provide coverage for what you paid for the car and will provide a refund of your purchase price. Simply, if they miss it, they'll buy it back. Other Vehicle History Report companies will have a buyback guarantee available.

What makes the AutoCheck Buyback program different from others is:. No matter whom you go with when purchasing a vehicle history report always familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of their "buyback guarantee. I've used them along with AutoCheck in my dealerships.


They are a very good company and like AutoCheck, provide a wealth of data and information. WARNING - There are many new companies sprouting up on the internet advertising cheap vehicle history reports as long as you become a member. These are very thin reports and do not include much information. AutoCheck comes with a number of advantages, including…. AutoCheck is owned by Experian, the international credit report company. This proves that Autocheck is not a dinky third-rate service.

AutoCheck is backed by a world-class company with experience in this type of reporting. One of their unique features is…. An AutoCheck Score is affected by accidents, mileage, damage, and whether the vehicle was ever stolen, repossessed, or used as a police car or taxi. The AutoCheck Score is like a credit score for cars. The higher the score, the better the history.

It also tells you how similar vehicles scored in comparison. Along with providing top-of-the-line history reports, the AutoCheck Score is a pretty cool feature.

The best part of AutoCheck is that you get all of this for an incredible price. Like we mentioned above, AutoCheck can be several times cheaper than Carfax. Even at retail price, you can get AutoCheck reports for the same price as 6 Carfax reports. But of course, name recognition cannot be fully discounted, which is leads us to our con for Autocheck.

Carfax or AutoCheck: Which Vehicle History Report Is Best for You?

Choosing AutoCheck over Carfax will not tank your sales. In fact, if you train your salespeople correctly, it might have no effect at all. But AutoCheck is certainly a harder path to take. Your salespeople will have to educate customers on the value of AutoCheck.

The lack of name recognition also leads to lower brand trust. Again though, good salespeople should be able to overcome through customer education.